Leonard Zammit Munro – a short profile

Leonard Zammit Munro

A University of Malta honours graduate in Public Administration, and holding an MBA from the same institution, Leonard gained experience in Reputation Management with a major agency in Brazil. This was followed by an eleven-year stint as the senior manager responsible for corporate PR and marketing communications at the Malta Tourism Authority. During this period, Leonard was responsible for editing all copywriting for Malta destination promotional material across the various media, as well as overseeing the corporate and destination branding process which took place upon the creation of the MTA in 1999. He also drafted successive editions of the MTA annual reports and other corporate documents, and penned numerous articles in connection with the MTA, the tourism sector and tourism awareness in particular.

Having joined Media Consulta Malta in 2009, in his role as General Manager and Head of the PR Department Leonard acted as PR consultant for the agency’s major clients, during which period he led a number of PR and CSR projects. Furthermore, Leonard was responsible for coordinating and implementing awareness campaigns on behalf of corporate clients, local public agencies and the EU Commission.

Leonard is also a freelance copywriter, having penned articles, annual reports, web content and corporate and brochure texts for several clients across myriad economic sectors. Moreover, over the past twenty years, Leonard has been extensively sourced for translation and proofreading of texts from the Portuguese, Italian and Maltese languages, into English.